SPFx Top & Footer Navigation from TermSet (Application Customizer)

SPFx (SharePoint Framework) is the way to go in SharePoint development future and we can daily do more and more with it.

Here is another example how you can create Top and Footer Navigation from TermSet with SPFx Application Customizer. Continue reading “SPFx Top & Footer Navigation from TermSet (Application Customizer)”


MS Ignite and tons of new stuff in a SharePoint world

This time I want to share with you my excitement about all news and new stuff in a correlation with SharePoint here in Orlando, Florida @ Microsoft Ignite 2017 conference.

SharePoint team makes an incredible work in previous months and puts SharePoint in a new way – new dimensions.

Today, at day two, all starts with keynote named Accelerate your digital transformation with SharePoint and OneDrive from the father of SharePoint – Jeff Teper. A lots of new things are presented at this keynote and other sessions during the day concluded with session about SharePoint Development (what’s new, what’s coming).
Continue reading “MS Ignite and tons of new stuff in a SharePoint world”

SharePoint Online and Microsoft Flow with custom action code in Azure Functions

Let’s start today with new way of building workflows from Microsoft – Microsoft Flow.
Because many of companies use SharePoint as first and best choice for internal portal platform I want to connect Microsoft Flow with it.

Microsoft Flow is like a wizard and you can create a lot of standard business flows with just few clicks and settings. But because we are developers, we want to create something more – we want to add to our flow some custom action, created by Azure Functions. Continue reading “SharePoint Online and Microsoft Flow with custom action code in Azure Functions”

Speech Recognition (Microsoft Bing Speech API vs. Google Cloud Speech API)

For some reason I want to find out, where I can find better speech recognition service – on Microsoft side with Bing Speech API or on Google side with Google Cloud Speech API.

First and most important thing for my region is that Bing Speech API does not support Slovenian language while Google Cloud Speech API does. So we can go Slovenian only by Google.

You could find both examples, Bing or Google way, on my GitHub repository. Continue reading “Speech Recognition (Microsoft Bing Speech API vs. Google Cloud Speech API)”

SharePoint KnockoutJS Blank Templates with Gulp watch for changes

Today I uploaded some custom SharePoint Blank Templates on my GitHub repository.

These templates show you, how you can prepare client-side Web Part for SharePoint 2013 and 2016 with Knockout object model attached to HTML template page. I used TypeScript too.

All script files and HTML templates are immediate upload to SharePoint Server when they changed. No solution deployment needed. Just first time, when you create SharePoint solution with blank WebPart inside of the Feature. This enables you to develop faster and simplier. Continue reading “SharePoint KnockoutJS Blank Templates with Gulp watch for changes”

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