SharePoint KnockoutJS Blank Templates with Gulp watch for changes

Today I uploaded some custom SharePoint Blank Templates on my GitHub repository.

These templates show you, how you can prepare client-side Web Part for SharePoint 2013 and 2016 with Knockout object model attached to HTML template page. I used TypeScript too.

All script files and HTML templates are immediate upload to SharePoint Server when they changed. No solution deployment needed. Just first time, when you create SharePoint solution with blank WebPart inside of the Feature. This enables you to develop faster and simplier. Continue reading “SharePoint KnockoutJS Blank Templates with Gulp watch for changes”

SPFx Extensions – ListView Command Set connected to Office 365 Planner via Graph API

The last of new SharePoint Framework Extensions types (for now :)) is ListView Command Set. With it you can add custom button/command to your List View Toolbar.

I want to create simple SharePoint List for tasks. When I select one of them, I want to put it to Office 365 Planner app to specific person. Connection between SharePoint List and Office 365 Planner will be represented by Microsoft Graph API. Continue reading “SPFx Extensions – ListView Command Set connected to Office 365 Planner via Graph API”

JqueryUI Tooltip with SharePoint Framework Field Customizer

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog post about new SharePoint Framework Extensions – Application Customizers. Another part of new SharePoint Framework Extensions are Field Customizers. They are for client-side Field customizing in SharePoint Lists & Libraries Views.

For my SPFx Field Customizer example I’m going to show you scenario with additional text from some other field on mouse-over event inside specific field. Continue reading “JqueryUI Tooltip with SharePoint Framework Field Customizer”

Face Detection & Recognition with Azure Face API

Face Detection & Recognition has never been so easy as now with Azure Face API. API is part of Azure Cognitive Services, where we have a lot of interesting intelligent APIs such as emotion and sentiment detection, vision and speech recognition, language understanding, knowledge and search.
Only what you need is Visual Studio and subscription to Face API (free trial or full) to get your API endpoint URL & subscription key ( Continue reading “Face Detection & Recognition with Azure Face API”

Show Ribbon in SharePoint 2016 by default

Sometimes we need that the ribbon in SharePoint is shown by default. On some pages like One Drive for Business is hidden and for example we have some specific stuff on its area for which we want to be visible when user come to that page.

We can manually show it with a Show Ribbon button in the Settings Menu.


But we want to show it automatically by default. One of the possible solutions is shown below in JavaScript code:

(function ($) {
    function PreveriQueryStringParameter(parameter) {
        if ((window.location.toString().indexOf("?" + parameter) !== -1) || (window.location.toString().indexOf("&" + parameter) !== -1)) {
            return true;
        } else {
            return false;

    $(document).ready(function () {
        if (($("div#DeltaSPRibbon").children().length == 0) && (!PreveriQueryStringParameter('ShowRibbon'))) {
            STSNavigate(StURLSetVar2(ajaxNavigate.get_href(), 'ShowRibbon', 'true'));

Gašper Rupnik


Remote Event Receivers on existing Lists & Libraries with Azure Service Bus

My first blog post in English -> let’s start wider! Older ones will be translated later.

Let’s imagine that in our SharePoint Online page we have list named Izdelki (in English we call that Products). For that list we want to add Event Receiver which will start on ItemAdded event and send an email about that to some person. Because we want to use SharePoint Online, we can’t use SP Farm Solution with standard Event Receiver. We have to use a Remote Event Receiver. This is kind a trivial if we create new list with an event receiver attached in SharePoint Add-in package. But we want to add an event receiver to an existing list. For that reason we are going to create Provider-Hosted SharePoint Add-in in a connection with an Azure Service Bus. Continue reading “Remote Event Receivers on existing Lists & Libraries with Azure Service Bus”

Simulacija SharePoint Online Timer Job-ov z uporabo Azure Functions

SharePoint Server ponuja native Timer Jobs, ki so inheritani iz SPJobDefinition razreda in se izvajajo v intervalih v SPSchedule objektu. V SharePoint Online tega ne moremo uporabljati. Lahko uporabljamo Windows Service/Task Scheduler za simulacijo Timer Jobsov v SP Online, ampak to vseeno ni kompletna cloud rešitev. Z uporabo Azure Functions lahko sedaj to dosežemo. Continue reading “Simulacija SharePoint Online Timer Job-ov z uporabo Azure Functions”

SharePoint Framework Extensions (preview) – ApplicationCustomizers

Kot sem pisal v enem izmed predhodnjih blog postov, je Microsoft na konferenci Build 2017 napovedal nadaljevanje SharePoint Framework zgodbe na t.i. dodatke oz. Extensions.

SharePoint Framework Extensions omogoča razširitev in prilagoditev uporabniške izkušnje na SharePointu v nove dimenzije s pomočjo notification areas, toolbars ter views oz. pogledi seznamov.
Trenutno je še v Preview verziji in je na voljo za testiranje zgolj preko Office 365 Developer Tenants. Continue reading “SharePoint Framework Extensions (preview) – ApplicationCustomizers”

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