MS Ignite and tons of new stuff in a SharePoint world

This time I want to share with you my excitement about all news and new stuff in a correlation with SharePoint here in Orlando, Florida @ Microsoft Ignite 2017 conference.

SharePoint team makes an incredible work in previous months and puts SharePoint in a new way – new dimensions.

Today, at day two, all starts with keynote named Accelerate your digital transformation with SharePoint and OneDrive from the father of SharePoint – Jeff Teper. A lots of new things are presented at this keynote and other sessions during the day concluded with session about SharePoint Development (what’s new, what’s coming).

I want to show you just some of it, for me the best:

  • Securely share externally to user without an accounts (OneDrive, SharePoint)
  • Share files seamlessly and consistently in Office, Windows, Mac, web and mobile
  • New SharePoint UI (modern pages)
    9-26-2017 12-36 PM Office Lens - Copy

    • Personal files
    • Team sites
    • Communication sites
  • New SharePoint Hub Sites (organize your intranet bringing associated sites together)
    9-26-2017 2-27 PM Office Lens9-26-2017 2-31 PM Office Lens
  • New SharePoint Mobile experience
    9-26-2017 12-43 PM Office Lens
  • Creating New Page from SharePoint Mobile
    9-26-2017 12-45 PM Office Lens
  • Showing Lists & Libraries from SharePoint Mobile real fast (list with lots of items too)
    9-26-2017 12-47 PM Office Lens - Copy
  • New Page layouts
  • New document library view (with file previews)
    9-26-2017 12-50 PM Office Lens (2)
  • Creating dynamic content on SharePoint modern page (3d models, picture galeries, image repositioning & cropping etc.)
    9-26-2017-2-46-pm-office-lens.jpg9-26-2017 2-48 PM Office Lens
  • Share your SharePoint news digest via email
    9-26-2017 3-16 PM Office Lens9-26-2017 3-17 PM Office Lens
  • SharePoint with Flow and Power Apps
  • Flow inside OneDrive
  • No more item limits in SharePoint Lists and Libraries
  • New file preview in SharePoint Search
  • Scoping SharePoint Search results
  • Automatic text and objects recognition in SharePoint search (Visual Content Intelligence)
  • New SharePoint Admin Center
  • Extend your tenant to different location policies
    9-26-2017 10-04 AM Office Lens
  • Restore your OneDrive
    9-26-2017 10-08 AM Office Lens
  • Office 2019 -> Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019
  • New SharePoint Migration Tool from Microsoft
  • SharePoint properties directly from Office products
    9-26-2017 12-56 PM Office Lens (2)
  • Microsoft Forms inside SharePoint
    9-26-2017 12-57 PM Office Lens
  • New way of creating fields from SharePoint modern page
    9-26-2017 12-54 PM Office Lens
  • New SharePoint Planner web part inside modern page
    9-26-2017 1-01 PM Office Lens
  • New site usage reports
  • View for files that need attention
    9-26-2017 1-11 PM Office Lens
  • Column formatter in modern page (currently not so friendly)
    9-26-2017 1-23 PM Office Lens
  • Connecting existing (old) SharePoint pages to Office 365 groups
  • New site management
    9-26-2017 10-01 AM Office Lens
  • SharePoint Framework Field Customizer examples
    9-26-2017 1-27 PM Office Lens
  • Fast SharePoint Site Provisioning
    9-26-2017 1-29 PM Office Lens
  • Copy/Paste from other editors to SharePoint WYSIWYG without style deviations
    9-26-2017 4-16 PM Office Lens

SharePoint Development:

  • Tenant wide deployment
    9-26-2017 4-33 PM Office Lens
  • Tenant properties
    9-26-2017 4-43 PM Office Lens
  • Configure Web APIs and permission scopes access
    9-26-2017 4-47 PM Office Lens
  • ALM APIs for SPFx solutions (programmatically manage and deploy SPFx solutions from tenant app catalog)
  • Site collection app catalog for SPFx apps


  • Global roadmap for SharePoint
    9-26-2017 1-44 PM Office Lens
  • Roadmap for page authors and editors
    9-26-2017 3-19 PM Office Lens
  • Roadmap for communication site owners & SharePoint admins
    9-26-2017 3-24 PM Office Lens
  • Roadmap – SPFx
    9-26-2017 4-55 PM Office Lens

Gašper Rupnik


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