SharePoint Application Pages with React and Office Fabric UI interface – Project Template

Like I promised I prepared empty project template for Application Page with React App on SharePoint 2016.

You can get it from my GitHub. In my previous post you can read more detailed tutorial about that.

Application page named MyReactApp.aspx  is in Layouts/MySPAppPageReactApp mapped folder inside Visual Studio Solution.
React App for Application page is inside ReactApps/my-react-app subfolder of project root folder.

Deploy WSP on your SharePoint 2016 Server. Go to Application Page (URL: /_layouts/15/MySPAppPageReactApp/MyReactApp.aspx) and you can see “Welcome to React on SharePoint Application Page” text on it.

Go to React App inside ReactApps/my-react-app and run gulp command. Update client side code inside App.tsx file. When you save changes you can see updated Application Page.

Gašper Rupnik



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