SharePoint Online and Microsoft Flow with custom action code in Azure Functions

Let’s start today with new way of building workflows from Microsoft – Microsoft Flow.
Because many of companies use SharePoint as first and best choice for internal portal platform I want to connect Microsoft Flow with it.

Microsoft Flow is like a wizard and you can create a lot of standard business flows with just few clicks and settings. But because we are developers, we want to create something more – we want to add to our flow some custom action, created by Azure Functions. Continue reading “SharePoint Online and Microsoft Flow with custom action code in Azure Functions”


Speech Recognition (Microsoft Bing Speech API vs. Google Cloud Speech API)

For some reason I want to find out, where I can find better speech recognition service – on Microsoft side with Bing Speech API or on Google side with Google Cloud Speech API.

First and most important thing for my region is that Bing Speech API does not support Slovenian language while Google Cloud Speech API does. So we can go Slovenian only by Google.

You could find both examples, Bing or Google way, on my GitHub repository. Continue reading “Speech Recognition (Microsoft Bing Speech API vs. Google Cloud Speech API)”

Face Detection & Recognition with Azure Face API

Face Detection & Recognition has never been so easy as now with Azure Face API. API is part of Azure Cognitive Services, where we have a lot of interesting intelligent APIs such as emotion and sentiment detection, vision and speech recognition, language understanding, knowledge and search.
Only what you need is Visual Studio and subscription to Face API (free trial or full) to get your API endpoint URL & subscription key ( Continue reading “Face Detection & Recognition with Azure Face API”

Remote Event Receivers on existing Lists & Libraries with Azure Service Bus

My first blog post in English -> let’s start wider! Older ones will be translated later.

Let’s imagine that in our SharePoint Online page we have list named Izdelki (in English we call that Products). For that list we want to add Event Receiver which will start on ItemAdded event and send an email about that to some person. Because we want to use SharePoint Online, we can’t use SP Farm Solution with standard Event Receiver. We have to use a Remote Event Receiver. This is kind a trivial if we create new list with an event receiver attached in SharePoint Add-in package. But we want to add an event receiver to an existing list. For that reason we are going to create Provider-Hosted SharePoint Add-in in a connection with an Azure Service Bus. Continue reading “Remote Event Receivers on existing Lists & Libraries with Azure Service Bus”

Simulacija SharePoint Online Timer Job-ov z uporabo Azure Functions

SharePoint Server ponuja native Timer Jobs, ki so inheritani iz SPJobDefinition razreda in se izvajajo v intervalih v SPSchedule objektu. V SharePoint Online tega ne moremo uporabljati. Lahko uporabljamo Windows Service/Task Scheduler za simulacijo Timer Jobsov v SP Online, ampak to vseeno ni kompletna cloud rešitev. Z uporabo Azure Functions lahko sedaj to dosežemo. Continue reading “Simulacija SharePoint Online Timer Job-ov z uporabo Azure Functions”

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